Convert your animations to steroscopic 3D!

DepthArtist is a suite of NUKE plugins, designed to help at the creation of stereoscopic 3D content from a single monoscopic view plus depth map. This initial version is designed for CGI, where the 3D animation software has generated a high quality depth map.

DepthArtist allows the animator or postproduction artist to define a depth budget, 'auto balance' the depth grade and very simply apply precise artistic depth effects. It provides a simple and rapid method of generating optimal stereo views and previewing the results, with warnings about 3D perception errors.

  • simple integration to your workflow,
  • reduced render times,
  • conforming to any screen size,
  • advanced controls of the 3D roundness aspect.

Working with DepthArtist

1) Load the scene layers and their depth maps into Nuke

Usually you can get started with as few as two RGBA+Z layers. The key is to have a layer decomposition that matches the main depth discontiniuties of the scene.

2) Set the depth budget and auto grade the shot

Once you have chosen a Depth Budget, DepthArtist can automatically analyse the shot and suggest an optimal depth grade for you. It will always adopt a conservative approach that does not break your Depth Budget.

3) Tune the Roundness

DepthArtist give you the unique ability to address roundness issues. If your scene looks like it is made of cardboard cutouts when viewed in 3D, you can fix it here!

4) Monitor the Stereoscopic Effect

At each step of the conversion, you can visualise the stereoscopic effect and check for depth budget violations.

Instructions for the Nuke Installation

Instructions are for Nuke 6.2 but are also applicable for other versions.

Windows 64bit

Extract and run the setup file from the downloaded zip file. The files will then be copied to the default Nuke plugin directory:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nuke\6.2\plugins\DepthArtist\1.0\

Linux 64bit

Extract the file from the zip and in a root shell execute the script:

# ./DepthArtist-1.0-Nuke6.2-L64

If you get a 'permission denied' error, type:

# chmod +x DepthArtist-1.0-Nuke6.2-L64

and try again to execute the script. The files will then be copied to the default Nuke plugin directory:


OSX 64bit

Open the downloaded dmg file and double click on the pkg installer. The files will then be copied to the default Nuke plugin directory:

/Library/Application Support/Nuke/6.2/plugins/DepthArtist/1.0/

Licensing Support for Nuke

Where to copy the licence file?

Licensing is done through an RLM licence file. Get in contact with pixelpuffin sales ( to obtain one from us. You will then need to place the licence file into the following directory:

  • Windows: c:\program files\common files\PixelPuffin\
  • Linux: /usr/local/pixelpuffin
  • OSX: /Library/Application Support/PixelPuffin/

Alternatively, you can specify any other location by setting the desired path in the environment variable PIXELPUFFIN.

Floating Licence Server

To run the licence server, please download the pixelpuffin RLM server for your platform:

They contain two executables (pxpuffin and rlm) that you can extract to a new folder. Copy also to this folder the server's licence file. For instance, under Linux, we would have in the same directory:

$ ls
rlm pxpuffin depthartist.lic

Then, start the RLM server by calling the rlm executable from a terminal. For instance:

$ ./rlm -c depthartist.lic

Note that on Linux and OSX, you might need to add executable rights to the rlm and pxpuffin files, which you can do as follows:

$ chmod +x rlm pxpuffin

For more information about RLM's options and on how to start the server at boot time, check the RLM website